Thursday, February 09, 2006

The slush

I like to ponder on how nasty weather can really bring people together. The other day I was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the light to change to cross. The first melt was underway and the ruts in the streets had collected large amounts of grey, nasty water.

Of course, each passing car brought a new chance to practice the "let's hop backwards in unison" dance move that is sure to be a hit this summer. After three or four such rehearsals, I yielded to nature and just stood there as the next car drove past.

After being duly splashed, I looked over my left shoulder at a guy who was looking back at me. We looked, shrugged our shoulders resignedly, and crossed the street. But there was more communication and commiseration in that glance than in any conversation I've ever conducted (in Polish, anyway).

Bless the rain, bless the snow, bless it all...from Mexico. :)


At 2/10/2006 09:43:00 AM, Blogger Gustav said...

The slush is definitely the ugliest part of the year - but there is one positive about it.

When it comes, you know spring can't be too far away.


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